Sharing recipes that have worked for me

Sharing recipes that have worked for me

I’ve realised that sweet potatoes are the BEST for achieving the perfect bm, so I try to incorporate them into as many things as possible. The elements I focus on are things high in fiber and fat, and avoiding certain insoluble fibers like most seeds and nuts.

Dinner has always been the best part of my day so this condition threw me for a loop in how to still enjoy food. I’ve found some dishes that create very predictable bm’s for me, so I make them or variations of them a lot. I still take stool softener, fibercon, and miralax throughout the day, but eating these things sets me up for success. Everyone’s different and I’m no dietitian but I hope someone can get some inspiration from this.

#1 Sweet Potato Chickpea Pockets

I made this recipie for thanksgiving and loved it. This is my absolute best dinner for an easy BM. It’s not seasoned in a way I’ve ever done before, the dominant flavors are cardamom, coriander, and cinnamon, but it is garlicky and had a little kick with the paprika. I did not think I would like it when I first made it but man it is delicious. This one is so good, very filling, and is so easily digestible. I normally avoid bread bc of my fissures but this one doesn’t bother me. I follow [this recipe by minimalist baker](

The alterations I’ve made are do NOT use pumpkin seeds or almonds because they are much harder to digest and can leave hard pieces in your stool, so omit those toppings. I also add a little more thyme, cumin, coriander, and cardamom. It’s super easy because it all just gets roasted in the oven together. I stuff it in a whole wheat pita pocket and use a lot of the Garlic Dill Sauce that is suggested in the recipe so it isn’t dry- doubling those spices too. I also make sure to load the pocket up with as much spring mix or kale as I can. Active time to make this is about 15 minutes and the rest is just simple assembly.





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